At Clik-a-Site, our mission is to provide customers with fully loaded, application rich and
cutting-edge technology based websites that are not only easy to manage but also easy to own. Our hard-to-match pricing structure is designed keeping this in mind.


Sign-Up & Renewal Pricing
The bulk of your website ownership costs are staggered which means you only spend about USD 700 in the first 3 years to get a state-of-the-art website!!! From the 4th year onwards, you only pay a nominal fee, most of which goes into domain renewal of your website.


   First year Sign-up Fee



Second Year Renewal Fee



Third Year Renewal Fee



Subsequent years renewal fee



Design and Creative Development Services
Clik-a-Site and its team of Creative Services Partners (CSPs) can also help customers who request for design and creative development services (banners, images, logo development etc.). Such services will be charged on a case by case basis and depend on the quantum of work involved.
For more information, please write to us at or contact any of our CSPs nearest to you.

Pay-Per-Use Services
Clik-a-Site is a product that will constantly evolve and bring in new features and services for website owners. Going forward, you can also expect a listing on a growing global B2B database, communication tools such as SMS platforms, eMail groups, shopping cart with
e-commerce functionality, soft phones, global telephone/fax numbers and much more.

Some of these features will be upgrades and offered at no extra cost to our members. Others (such as SMS/email blasters, VoIP Communication Platforms etc) will be on a Pay-Per-Use model so our members are not forced to pay for features/services they do not use.
The pricing for such Pay-Per-Use services will be announced when they are launched.

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